Family Dollar Accident

With so many people visiting Family Dollar stores every day, accidents will happen. Trip and fall accidents in the store or parking lot, falling merchandise or slips on wet flooring cause people to get hurt. If you were injured at a Family Dollar store in Fort Lauderdale, contact theFort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon today for a no-fee case evaluation. You can learn more by calling us today at (954) 530-3918.

Shoppers looking for budget-friendly snacks, cleaning products, and household supplies visit the Family Dollar chain of stores. As part of the Dollar Tree family, there are thousands of store locations scattered throughout the country.

Family Dollar Stores are relatively compact at an average of 7,000 square feet. With its vast array of merchandise displayed in narrow aisles and on the floor, this can create trip and fall hazards for customers. Boxes and displays sticking out into the walkways may also cause a shopper to lose their footing and fall.

Serious injuries may result when the full weight of a person forcefully hits the floor or a shelf when they fall. If your head hits a hard surface or sharp corner, it can cause a traumatic injury to the brain. Violent falls can result in such brain injuries as;

  • Minor to serious concussions
  • Torn brain tissues
  • Skull fractures
  • Infections
  • Fluid build-up
  • Cranial nerve damage
  • Contusions which may result in bruising or bleeding of the brain
  • Coma

If you have fallen at a Family Dollar or any other store, you should seek medical attention immediately. Brain injuries are not always apparent and may take a few days to surface. Symptoms such as an inability to communicate, loss of smell or taste, double vision, or cognitive issues may be a signal that something is wrong.

How Can a Personal Injury Law Firm Help You?

Most people are not versed in the intricacies of personal injury law. They don’t realize that they have rights when injured at a Family Dollar or any other store. Consulting a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer at Wolfson & Leon will help you to understand what your options may be available to you. If you have a case, they will take care of the paperwork, phone calls, and dealing with the insurance company. A personal injury attorney can estimate the value of your claim and work to get you a fair settlement. The settlement amount may include medical expenses, any current or future lost wages, and pain and suffering, depending upon your situation. Adequate compensation helps to ensure that you have the financial support you need during your recovery. Find out more by contacting Wolfson & Leon for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation. Should you choose to move forward with a claim, you do not pay legal fees unless there is a settlement of your case.

The attorneys at Wolfson & Leon represent people hurt in Family Dollar and other retail store accidents.

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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney

Wolfson & Leon has a dedicated practice that serves victims hurt in accidents that were not their fault. Whether your case needs negotiation or representation in court, we fight for a fair settlement for you. We represent the interests of people throughout Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding cities of Sunrise, Oakland Park, Lighthouse Point, and Coconut Creek. Learn how we can help you by calling (954) 530-3918 today.

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