Fort Lauderdale TJ Maxx Accident Lawyer

Were you severely injured when you slipped and fell at the TJ Maxx at 1920 Cordova Road in Fort Lauderdale? Did you suffer extensive injuries in a parking lot trip and fall accident at the TJ Maxx store at 3120 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale?

Accidents at large retail stores, like TJ Maxx, are more common than you might expect. If you slip in the store or fall over a merchandise display that’s sticking out in the aisle, you could suffer significant injury, like a broken bone, head trauma, or torn ligament. Such injuries can be severe and require substantial medical attention and healing time.

We encourage you to contact a Fort Lauderdale accident attorney from Wolfson & Leon today for a free evaluation of your claim if you were severely injured while shopping at TJ Maxx. You might like a greater understanding of what legal rights you might have when hurt, or you just want to know if you might have a claim you could pursue. Contact a Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer today when you call 954-530-3918.

Badly Hurt While Shopping at TJ Maxx in Fort Lauderdale?

As customers, we expect retail stores and other places of business to be safe. Yet, you could be seriously hurt if store managers, operators, or employees don't take appropriate steps to keep a safe premises for guests on their property.

Some common ways guests can get hurt while shopping at TJ Maxx in Fort Lauderdale are slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents. When shoppers lose their footing, they can suffer serious harm if they hit their head or break a bone when they fall.

Slips and falls can happen on slick or wet floors. TJ Maxx often sells liquid-based personal products, like perfume or shampoo, in bottles that may leak onto the floor if dropped. Customers who spill drinks or track rainwater in from the outside could also make floors slippery.

Customers could also get hurt if they trip while shopping. You could get hurt if you trip over broken tiles, missing thresholds, or floors with differing heights. Employees may cause a trip and fall hazard if they leave carts or boxes in walkways when restocking aisles. Shoppers may trip and fall over the legs or corners of displays sticking out in the aisle as they shop.

Some accidents happen as customers walk to and from the store. You could trip and fall over dips or holes in parking lot asphalt, broken sidewalks, or curbs hidden by overgrown foliage. Parking lot paint that doesn’t have proper non-slip materials could become slick when it rains outside. You could also trip when parking lot paint used to designate ramps or curbs is faded or missing.

What are Common Injuries in a Fort Lauderdale TJ Maxx Accident?

Not every slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident causes acute injury. Sometimes, you can just get up and get on with what you are doing.

Sadly, that’s not always the case. Some of the most common injuries in a Fort Lauderdale TJ Maxx store accident include:

  • A broken hip, pelvis, or leg bones
  • Sprained ankles or wrists
  • Head injury
  • Herniated disc or pinched nerves
  • Soft tissue tears
  • Deep cuts or puncture wounds from sharp corners or broken glass

There’s little doubt that you could see the urgency in getting immediate medical attention if you broke your leg or suffered a deep cut in your arm. However, even when your injuries seem minor, seeking medical help as quickly as possible after the accident is still a good idea. Untreated injuries could worsen, so getting them checked out early is best.

Should I Accept an Early Settlement from a Fort Lauderdale TJ Maxx?

Some retailers may offer to settle when you've been badly hurt while shopping at their store. Settling early may seem like a good idea, especially if you struggle to pay your bills or don't want the hassle of negotiating a settlement.

An early settlement offer is usually meant to keep the payout by TJ Maxx and its parent company, TJX Company, as low as possible. If you accept a settlement without knowing your legal rights, you might get far less than what you are entitled to. Accepting a settlement that's too low could become a problem if your medical bills come in higher than expected or you need more time to recover.

Should I Call a Fort Lauderdale TJ Maxx Accident Lawyer?

The Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys from Wolfson & Leon seek justice for people seriously hurt while shopping at retail stores, supermarkets, or other places of business. We understand the disruption a severe injury can have on your life, especially when someone else's negligence causes it. We work tirelessly to reach the best settlement possible so you can get on with your life.

Find out how the Fort Lauderdale retail store accident lawyers from Wolfson & Leon can help when you've been seriously hurt by calling us today at 954-530-3918.

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