Riverwalk Accident Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale’s Riverwalk is a scenic outdoor walkway with a spectacular view of the New River. You can experience all Riverwalk offers when taking a guided electric bike, segway, or walking tour. Or enjoy the outdoor cafes, coffee shops, and eclectic boutiques along Las Olas Boulevard.

Outdoor attractions can be a great way to take in the local sights. Yet strolling down Riverwalk isn’t without its dangers. Heavy traffic, slippery walkways, broken pavement, or inadequate lighting at night bring added dangers. You might be gravely injured if you are struck by a car or trip on a cracked sidewalk.

Getting hurt in public areas, like Riverwalk, can be complicated. Quickly seeking medical help may be an obvious step, mainly when serious injuries occur. But you may be left wondering who pays the bills for your medical care. Or how to pay your household bills when the damage you’ve suffered prevents you from returning to work.

If you suffered a severe injury at Riverwalk or any other outdoor attraction, you should speak with the best Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer. You could be compensated for your loss if someone else’s negligence caused your Riverwalk accident.

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Common Causes of Riverwalk Accidents

Situated along the New River in Fort Lauderdale, the first section of Riverwalk was completed in 1990. Today, Riverwalk spans over one mile and runs between the Stranahan House and Sailboat Bend neighborhood.

Outdoor attractions and shopping centers let you experience the tropical scenery Fort Lauderdale is known for. However, constant exposure to the South Florida weather can bring added risks to people strolling along Riverwalk and nearby restaurants, boutiques, and museums.

Common ways people can be hurt at Riverwalk include:

  • Sidewalks with broken or missing pavers
  • Falls caused by bad lighting at night
  • Walkways that become slippery from rain or splashing water
  • Parking lot paint that doesn’t contain the proper non-slip adhesive materials may become slippery when wet outside.
  • Leaves, tree sap, or debris left on walkways that become slick from rain.
  • Outdoor furniture that breaks due to excessive exposure to sun and heat
  • Dips, potholes, or broken asphalt in parking lots or streets

In addition to outdoor elements, you could be hurt as you browse the local boutiques or grab lunch at a nearby café on Las Olas Boulevard. Wet entrances, rugs or floormats that slide when stepped on, or changes in flooring elevation may cause you to slip- or trip-and-fall.

Situated near busy streets in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the high volume of cars traveling in the area poses hazards to pedestrians. You could be hit by a driver who speeds, weaves in and out of traffic, or ignores road signs.

Why Call a Riverwalk Accident Lawyer?

Accidents that happen in places like Riverwalk can be more complicated than you might expect. Under premises liability laws, owners or operators must keep their property safe for visitors. When the appropriate steps aren’t taken, and someone gets hurt, the owner or operator might be negligent in this responsibility.

To seek compensation, your claim must show:

  • You were owed a standard of care by the owner, operator, or manager or the property
  • Reasonable measures weren’t taken to ensure this level of care.
  • This lack of care caused the accident.
  • The financial and physical injury suffered resulted from the accident.

Premises liability claims may be further complicated when multiple parties may be at fault. A property management company, landlord, or outside contractor may share responsibility for the accident. Identifying each party and evaluating their role in the accident can be critical when seeking compensation. Your chances of recovering damages may be affected if you don’t pursue all possible parties.

Seeking legal help from the best Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer is a critical step when you’ve been seriously hurt at Riverwalk. Why should you get stuck paying the price for someone else’s negligence? If your injuries are severe, you may need expensive medical treatment. You may be unable to work until you’ve healed, causing a burden on your family’s finances.

The Fort Lauderdale injury accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon have dedicated their practice to getting justice for people badly hurt. We offer a free case consultation so you can understand what legal rights you might have. Should you have a case you want to pursue, our team of Riverwalk accident attorneys represents your interests on a contingent fee arrangement. So, you only pay for our legal help if we settle your case.

If you were badly hurt at Riverwalk, don’t wait to find out your legal rights. Contact Wolfson & Leon today for a free review of your claim by calling 954-530-3918.

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