Serious Injuries

Fort Lauderdale Serious Injury Lawyer

Accidents are traumatic experiences. After you get past the initial shock, you may be angry, nervous, and afraid. If you are hurt in the accident, your life may change. If your injuries are severe, you may have to spend a long time in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries and medical treatment. You may need to be under a doctor’s care and supervision for an extended period. Recovery can be weeks or months.

People can be hurt when they are hit by a distracted driver, slip on a wet floor, or fall in a poorly-lit parking lot. Serious injuries may force you into a new reality. You may not be able to live the life you did before you were hurt. You may need continuous care and help, just to do basic household tasks. If your injuries impact your ability to move or walk, permanent modifications may be necessary for your home. Your family may need to install ramps, widen doorways, or change out the flooring to help you get around. 

Serious injuries can cause immense pain and rob you of the simple pleasures in life, such as spending time with your family or taking a walk on the beach. If you have a family, they may be suffering because you can’t provide for them financially. Knowing that someone else’s carelessness caused such severe injuries is emotionally devastating. 

If a severe injury has impacted your family, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer. The Fort Lauderdale Serious Injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon help accident victims to recover money to pay for medical bills, replace lost wages, and get future care. With our free case evaluation, we can answer your questions and let you know what legal options are available to you. Call Wolfson & Leon today at (954) 530-3918.

Fort Lauderdale Serious Injury Accidents

In some cases, it may be obvious when you have serious injuries. Broken bones, severed limbs, burns, and deep cuts or lacerations are visible. They can be treated in the emergency room or may require an extended hospital stay. 

To pursue a personal injury lawsuit, injuries must meet one of the thresholds below;

  • The damage must be significant and result in the permanent loss of a bodily function
  • Based on a reasonable degree of probability, the injury is permanent
  • You were significantly and permanently disfigured or scarred from the injury
  • The injury resulted in a death

With these thresholds in place, it is helpful to discuss your situation with a personal injury lawyer. They are experienced in such matters and can advise if your injury falls within the parameters above. Many factors exist. For example, a broken bone is not permanent. However, a broken leg impacts your ability to walk and may meet the thresholds above. 

In other cases, age may play a factor. A fall injury may be less severe for a young person. For an older adult, the damage may be permanent. 

However, injuries are not always visible. Head injuries, soft tissue tears, and damage to internal organs are serious. Not only are they extremely painful, but they also impact your ability to think, move, and function. 

Why Call a Fort Lauderdale Serious Injury Law Firm?

Should you have a case, our personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to meet one goal for their clients – a fair settlement. We handle all aspects of your case. Our attorneys gather documents and build your case. They may engage medical consultants, vocation specialists, and finance professionals to review your claim. Consultants may be necessary to advise a judge or jury as to the impact that an injury has on your life. 

Our Fort Lauderdale Serious Injury attorneys handle all aspects of your case. We handle all phone calls and correspondence. We stay up to date with deadlines. Wolfson & Leon works tirelessly to settle your claim with the insurance company favorably. Should your case require litigation, our experienced personal injury attorneys will represent your best interests in court. 

Since 1963, Wolfson & Leon has defended victims seriously injured in accidents. If you have questions or are wondering if you even have a case, contact us today for your free case evaluation. We listen to you, answer your questions, and let you know what legal options are available. Find out how Wolfson & Leon can help you by calling (954) 530-3918.

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