Golf Course Accident

Fort Lauderdale features some of the best golf courses in South Florida such as the Coral Ridge Country Club, Lago Mar Country Club, and the Fort Lauderdale Country Club. The early morning sun is out, the air is crisp, and you are headed to the golf course for a relaxing round with friends. You’re all checked in and headed down the stairs to your golf cart. The next thing you know, the handrail becomes dislodged and you have taken a pretty hard tumble down the stairs.

When we think of getting hurt on the golf course, we’re thinking of getting hit in the head by a random golf ball or being hit by a golf cart. Yet, if a golf course owner doesn’t properly maintain the premises, it can lead to a person being injured if they slip, or trip, and fall. Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injury, especially if the victim hits their head on the hard pavement or breaks a bone when falling down the stairs.

Golf course owners and management companies have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care to ensure the safety of their patrons and visitors. If you were hurt in a slip and fall accident at a golf course, you should consider seeking the advice of a Fort Lauderdale golf course accident lawyer. Slip and fall accidents can be serious and require extensive and costly medical treatment. You may be unable to work or conduct business while you are recovering, hitting your wallet as you have little to no income coming in. Wolfson & Leon is dedicated to helping injured victims seek monetary damages to pay for their medical treatment, replace lost income, and pay for future care. If you were hurt on the golf course, contact us today for your free consultation at 954-289-5954.

Slip and Fall Accident on a Fort Lauderdale Golf Course

Amid the comfort of the leafy foliage or the wide-open space on the course, it’s hard to imagine having an accident on a golf course that doesn’t involve a golf ball or golf cart. But a golf course that is improperly maintained can result in people getting hurt. Broken pathways can result in a trip and fall accident. Potholes in the pavement or holes in sidewalks or on the greens can cause an accident if a golfer drives over the uneven terrain with their golf cart, causing people to fall out of the cart. Overgrown tree roots that are sticking out of the ground can cause a person to trip and fall.

People who slip or trip and fall may have serious injuries to their head, neck, or back. Injuries to the head are particularly dangerous as they can be life-altering and impact your ability to think, move and reason. But for the victim, extensive medical treatment leads to high bills and devastate a family’s future.

Wolfson & Leon represents people who were hurt while playing golf. We work with golf accident victims to help them recover monetary damages to pay for the medical treatment, visits to the doctor, continuing rehabilitation, and replace money lost when they were unable to work. Wolfson & Leon defends the rights of clients who were hurt on the golf course in many situations such as;

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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer for Golf Course Accident Victims

People often gravitate toward golf because of its seemingly low impact on the body and relaxed environment. It’s the peaceful and calm nature of golf that makes it all the worse when you get hurt on the golf course due to someone else’s negligence. The high cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and other related expenses can severely impact the family’s finances. A Fort Lauderdale golf course lawyer can help to determine if you have a personal injury claim and how to navigate through this.

If you were hurt on the green through no fault of your own, contact Wolfson & Leon today. We serve clients residing in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities of Sunrise, Oakland Park, and Hollywood. Contact the Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon today for your free consultation by calling 954-289-5954.

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