Parking Lot Accident

Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot Accident When the thought of a parking lot accident in Fort Lauderdale comes to mind, your immediate thought most likely is that of a car accident. Of someone accidentally backing out of a parking space and smashing into another car. A person trying to move too quickly through a pedestrian walking area leaving several injured or worse. Of someone taking a careless joyride through a parking lot and getting into a catastrophic crash with another vehicle. While these types of accidents do occur, it is important to understand that these are not just the only accidents that could happen in the area of a parking lot.

The most overlooked accident is that of a slip and fall, and a trip and fall. While these two types of accidents may sound the same, and it can be granted that many of the injuries you can get from one you can also very likely get from the other, it is important to understand their differences. A slip and fall is just that, slipping and falling, this can be because of spilled contents from an employee or another person, wet pavement, slippery parking lines or any other assortment of causes. A trip and fall is slightly different, as these are likely caused by uneven footing or damaged roads. Parking lots can suffer wear and tear after years or even decades of use, and if it is not constantly maintained, the resulting hazardous terrain can be extremely damaging to you and your loved ones.

What most people do not realize, is that once you enter the perimeter of a private or public area, you’re given a promise of safety. These places are under strict obligations to keep their area of business clean and safe for all those that come by, this includes the parking lots as well. If you’ve been injured or suffered either a trip and fall or a slip and fall at a public or private parking lot, then please do not hesitate to call the Fort Lauderdale parking lot accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon at (954) 530-3918 for your free consultation. You may be eligible for compensation, and the Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon are more than willing to fight for your right to medical and financial reimbursement because of your accident.

Trip and Fall Accident Lawyer

A trip and fall is no laughing matter and finding yourself in one can be a confusing and harrowing experience, especially when you don’t know who to turn to. Therefore, the Fort Lauderdale trip and fall attorneys at Wolfson & Leon are happy to receive your call and guide you on the steps of rehabilitation and compensation that you so urgently deserve. When facing such an accident it is important to know what your options are, and the decades of service by the personal injury team at Wolfson & Leon is capable at providing that service, as well as information on all the following issues:

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With the ability to speak to you twenty-four hours and seven days a week, the Fort Lauderdale parking lot accident injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon are open and willing to inform you regarding your case injury. If you’ve been injured in a Fort Lauderdale parking lot because of a slip and fall, or trip and fall, please do not hesitate to call us at (954) 530-3918. Jonah Wolfson, the managing attorney of the firm, is a bilingual personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale whose legal team is standing by to take your call. Wolfson & Leon has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach. Get in touch with their offices so you may get your life back on track and get the compensation you so rightfully deserve.

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