Fort Lauderdale Uber/ Lyft Car Accident Lawyer

If you were severely injured by a Fort Lauderdale Uber or Lyft driver, we urge you to contact Wolfson & Leon today for a free, no-obligation legal case consultation. Whether you have questions about filing a claim or want to know what legal options you have when you have been hurt, call Wolfson & Leon today at 954-530-3918.

When you need a ride to the airport or home after a night on the town, Uber and Lyft are popular ride-sharing services to help you get where you need to be. With their easy-to-use app, you can schedule a ride from your phone. Plus, you may even pay less money than you would pay with a taxi or car service.

Ride-sharing may be easy and convenient. But your experience with Uber or Lyft can be far different if you get hit by one of their drivers. Your ability to recover damages when seriously hurt in an Uber or Lyft car accident often depends on what the driver was doing during the crash. So, if a ride-sharing driver seriously hurts you, you should strongly consider speaking with a Fort Lauderdale Uber/Lyft car accident attorney as soon as possible.

The Fort Lauderdale car crash lawyers at Wolfson & Leon represent people seriously hurt in accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers. We understand the complexities associated with ride-sharing accidents and work tirelessly to reach the best settlement possible for our clients.

What Makes Uber / Lyft Car Crashes Different?

With a population of 183,146 residents, Fort Lauderdale is one of the largest cities in Florida. While Fort Lauderdale is known for its beautiful beaches, the city has plenty of residential neighborhoods, schools, and parks.

A car crash that involves an Uber or Lyft driver can be complicated. While drivers shuttle passengers around for Uber or Lyft, they are not company employees. Instead, drivers are classified as independent contractors. As such, car accident victims often cannot pursue damages against either company.

However, Uber and Lyft have insurance coverage that may kick in when an accident happens. But the amount of coverage depends on what the Uber or Lyft driver was doing when the accident occurred.

  • If the Uber/Lyft driver was transporting passengers when the accident happened, both companies carry insurance coverage of up to $1 million.
  • When the Uber/Lyft driver does not have a paying passenger in their vehicle but they are actively seeking one through the app, supplemental coverage of up to $50,000 may kick in. This supplemental coverage may begin after the driver’s personal insurance has been maximized.
  • Coverage is limited to the driver’s car insurance when using their vehicle for personal reasons.

If you were involved in a collision with a ride-sharing driver, it is essential to consult a Fort Lauderdale car crash attorney when you are severely hurt. Uber/Lyft car accidents can be complicated. Seeking legal advice can help you better understand your rights and build a defensible case.

Should I Call a Fort Lauderdale Uber / Lyft Car Crash Lawyer?

Not every accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver results in significant injury. After getting checked out by the doctor, you may find nothing more than a few bumps and scrapes.

However, there are times when an Uber or Lyft car crash can leave you severely hurt. You may experience a traumatic brain injury, damage to your organs, broken bones, or a disfiguring injury. Medical costs for severe injuries can be astronomical. If you are not able to work due to your injury, you may be unable to pay for your basic living expenses.

Since 1963, the Law Offices of Wolfson & Leon have defended people badly hurt in car accidents. If you have suffered severe injuries from a collision with an Uber/Lyft driver, we encourage you to contact us today for a free and confidential evaluation of your claim. You can discover legal remedies for serious hurt in an Uber or Lyft car crash. Call Wolfson & Leon today at 954-530-3918 to learn more about your rights when seriously hurt by an Uber or Lyft driver.

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