Left Turn Accident

Fort Lauderdale Left Turn Accident Left turn collisions can be some of the most confusing types of car crashes someone can be a part of. Even trying to look them up online can bring a flurry of articles asking who really is or isn’t at fault during a left turn collision. In Fort Lauderdale at least, there are many intersections that can have cars obscuring oncoming traffic, which can cause a driver to mistakenly move onto the road just as another car that was hidden from their view comes in. When these things happen, it’s important to have a Fort Lauderdale left turn accident lawyer that can give you a correct understanding of the situation and of who exactly is at fault.

Wolfson & Leon has had over 55 years representing injured victims, including left turn accidents. With this amount of service, they can make sure your claim is handled quickly and professionally. One of the many misconceptions about getting into an accident as a result of a left turn is that the one making the turn is at fault for not seeing the incoming driver. That is only true to an extent, as legally, the state of Florida allows for a certain amount of the blame to be allocated to both drivers when they get into a crash. Determining fault is important when it comes to proper compensation.

There can be many reasons someone turning left could be considered not to blame for the crash. The oncoming driver could have been distracted, or their speed could have been severely over the limit and caused them not to be able to come to a complete stop in time. The oncoming driver could also have ignored or tried to speed through a red light, causing the incoming left turn drivers to collide with them. Other factors can be considered, such as possible issues with the other driver’s brakes, whether or not some external factor like an animal coming into the road caused the driver to collide with the oncoming left-turn driver. Engine failure, and low reaction time, whether it be natural or from some sort of impairment like intoxication through alcohol or drugs can all be factors that need to be measured before a ruling is passed to figure out who is at fault and why. Determining the recklessness of the driver in question can be difficult, which is why the correct representation is always important.

The injuries that can come from a Fort Lauderdale left turn collision can range from moderate to severe whiplash, to even death if one is unlucky enough to be in the passenger's seat when the collision happens at the point of impact. Unlike our friends across the pond, left turns can be the deadliest when you’re sitting at the passenger's side, which is more likely to be hit during a left turn collision.

The best thing you can do when you are in an accident, or in any accident, is to not be quiet and just take the results that others give you. Being proactive about getting compensation, whether it be from insurance, or from those that may have caused your vehicle damage as a result of an accident, can make a world of difference between being able to repair or replace your vehicle, and being forced to pay for a new car out of pocket with money you may not be able to have on such short notice. The lack of a car can cause undue stress with lack of transportation, and the loss or injury of a loved one can cause the delicate balance of someone’s life to fall into chaos that could easily be avoided.

Whatever the problem, the Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon are here to help you. We consult for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can provide free consultation on your situation. Our lawyers are here to assist you and your family in getting the correct compensation that you deserve.

The Fort Lauderdale left turn car accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have fought for the rights of injured car crash victims in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida since 1963. With offices in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, these Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers are ready to help you and your loved ones. Call us today for your free consultation at (954) 530-3918 and let’s get to work on your case.

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