Dania Beach

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City of Dania Beach

The city was originally called “Dania” after the descent of the early settlers, most of whom were Danish. Attracting 12 Danish families to relocate from Chicago and another 30 Danes to move from Wisconsin, the original community known as Modello flourished as the railroad line was run through. The area, known for its crops of tomatoes, grew as its close proximity to the railroad allowed for a greater reach for shipments. As part of the original settlers, A.C. Frost, who was a member of the Wisconsin legislature, relocated to Florida. His contributions toward the development of cities within Oconto, Wisconsin, drew him to Florida to help in its growth and expansion. Frost was responsible for the building of the first home and two schools in Dania.

In 1904, this beach community became the first city established in Broward County. Over the years, the city began to flourish. The Dania Methodist Church, the famed Dania Hotel, and the Bank of Dania were constructed. Through the years, however, Dania had undergone several challenges. The Dania Hotel was stricken with fire in 1925 and the bank went under due to embezzlers. Once known as being the “Tomato Capital of the World,” the city of Dania voted to annex itself to the City of Hollywood in 1926 due to extensive damage that resulted from the 1926 Hurricane. In 1927, however, parts of Dania choose to secede from Hollywood. Since not all of Dania choose to secede, the city’s current boundaries are often non-continuous. In 1988, the city was renamed Dania Beach.

As Broward’s first city, Dania Beach is steeped in a history rich with different architectural influences, such as Art Deco, Greek Revival, Mediterranean Revival, and Mission Revival. In 1945, the first of many antique shops was established in Dania. As the years passed, Dania became known as the “Antique Capital of the South,” with over 100 antique shops scattered throughout the city today.

Currently, 31,046 residents call Dania Beach home. This beachfront community is racially mixed, with 50% of the population being white, 25.7% Hispanic, and 20.5% being African American. The median household income is $43,202 and the median property value in Dania Beach is $167,300. In this beachfront community, over 22.5% of the population lives below the poverty line, which is higher than the national average of 14%.

Working with Insurance Companies

Personal injury attorneys often work to settle your claim directly with insurance companies, rather than take the case to civil court. While a court may grant you with a higher award, the cost of bringing the case to trial can be quite high. As a result, settlements are often the preferred route.

Although insurance companies factor the risk of loss into their business, they will still try to limit their payout. This may be done by settling early, which may avoid the requirement to pay a plaintiff for future medical care. In other cases, they may claim that there is a lack of evidence to support your claim. Finally, they may attempt to minimize your injury or seek to prove that you accepted the risk or contributed to the accident.

With the above in mind, plaintiffs are often best served when they seek representation from a personal injury attorney.

What can a personal injury attorney do for you?

A personal injury attorney can help you get back on the road to recovery and restore your life. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence or reckless act, the personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon are here to help. We can answer your questions about recovering lost wages, paying for medical care, and seeking continued care. We can advise you of your rights. Contact Dania Beach personal injury accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon at (954) 289-5954 for help.

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