When commuting on a motorcycle, whether it be for necessity or pleasure, there is always great risk involved due to the lack of protection for the rider. The normal confines of a vehicle will in most circumstances, contain a driver within the vehicle should an accident occur and will have an even higher likelihood when they are wearing a seatbelt. With a motorcycle, the rider is not confined within the vehicle and there is no seatbelt. Should an accident occur, the rider could suffer sever injuries and could even be fatal. These types of accidents can happen anywhere and if one does, you need to ensure you are properly represented. Being injured in a motorcycle accident in Dania Beach means that you need to talk to South Florida injury lawyer as soon as possible.

The first few steps after the accident may be crucial for the outcome of the damages recovery procedure. It is likely that you will be offered a settlement. The at-fault driver or the insurance company will try to make you settle for a certain amount of money, but you should never accept it before speaking to a lawyer. This is because chances are that it won't be the money you deserve to be paid for all your injury-related harms and losses.

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Dania Beach

Dania Beach is a small city in Broward County, South Florida. Formerly, it was known as Modello and "Tomato Capital of the World", but in 1904, it was renamed in the honor of the 35 farmers of Danish origin residing in the area, which at that time was most of the population there. In 1998, it was renamed again, this time to Dania Beach.

Nowadays, Dania Beach is not known for the tomatoes, but for entertainment. Aside from the wonderful beaches, it attracts visitors for its casinos, antique shops, shopping malls, bars, nightclubs, and one of the largest jai-alai frontons in the United States.

Only around 31,000 people call Dania Beach their home. On the east side, it borders with the Atlantic Ocean, on the north with Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood (FL) on the south.

There are several big companies headquarter there, including Sun Air International and Alec Bradley Cigar Co.

Dania Beach Motorcycle Accidents

Having in mind the experience of our South Florida motorcycle accident lawyers, the most common motorcycle accidents in Dania Beach include, but are not limited to:

  • Motorcycle Accidents Involving Uber or Lyft Drivers in Dania Beach
  • Motorcycle Accidents with Uber Drivers in Dania Beach
  • Dania Beach Motorcycle Pedestrian Injury Accidents
  • Dania Beach Motorcycle Accidents with Lyft Drivers
  • Wrongful Death Claims Due to Motorcycle Accidents in Dania Beach
  • Dania Beach Miami Motorcycle Accident and Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Drivers
  • Drunk Driving Motorcycle Accidents in Dania Beach
  • Head-on Collisions with Motorcycles in Dania Beach
  • Rear-end Collisions in Dania Beach with Motorcyclists
  • Rollover Motorcycle Accidents in Dania Beach
  • Dania Beach T-bone Motorcycle Accidents
  • Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents in Dania Beach
  • Sideswipe and Merging Motorcycle Accidents in Dania Beach
  • Road Rage Motorcycle Accidents in Dania Beach
Dania Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Don't go through the damages recovery process after a motorcycle accident in Dania Beach alone. No one will come to you voluntarily to pay for your damages, especially not the amount of money that is just and that you deserve. You've likely incurred some injury-related expenses and losses already and it's likely that you'll have more in the near future, so why settle for less than what your real losses and expenses are?

The Dania Beach motorcycle accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have been in the business since 1963. With 50 plus years of law practice, we have had the privilege of helping clients injured in all types of accidents. We are here to help people injured in motorcycle accidents in Dania Beach recover for lost wages, medical bills, scarring, loss of financial support, wrongful death, emotional pain, and other injury-related losses. Call (954) 530-3918 for free consultations. You'll pay nothing unless we recover for you.

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