Slip and Fall

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Slip and fall accidents are explained in the same way they're presented. Slip and fall is just that, a slip and fall. You've found yourself in a situation where you were forced to slip and have landed on your back, your side, your front. Whatever the case you've fallen, and now legal counsel is considered. This shouldn't be a scary process, but we at Wolfson & Leon understand that it can be daunting, especially if you don't know where to start. Wolfson & Leon has been hard at work since 1963, helping all those that have come to their doors regarding personal injury and premises liability law.

Our service record shows just how dedicated we are towards assisting those who require it by navigating the tricky waters of the law. We want to ensure that you're given the compensation you deserve. We understand that the work you put into is essential but doing everything by yourself will only leave you vulnerable to more experienced and ruthless lawyers. They only look to serve the highest paying company. We want to ensure that you and your loved ones are cared for after the accident. The corporate and insurance company lawyers will not consider your pain or troubles. They will seek to win without regard to what is just. The 55 years that Wolfson & Leon has is more than enough time to know just what to do to help. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and call (954) 530-3918 to speak to an attorney right away in a free consultation. They can help you get right on track with fixing your life and see to it that your loved ones no longer have to worry.

Weston Florida

Established in 1996 as a city it is bordered by Sunrise, Davie, Southwest Ranches and The Everglades. Certainly, one of the more modern cities in the family of Broward County, it is still a prime suburban area for those looking to settle themselves in a beautiful quiet area of South Florida to call home. Its most recent population, according to a 2010 census is 65 thousand people, and it looks to be growing, as the growing population of Venezuelans has given to the town the nickname" Westonzuela." Some of the plazas that can be found in the city that allows for a prime shopping experience include:

  • Weston Lakes Plaza
  • Weston Town Center
  • Waterway Shoppes of Weston

Should you find yourself in an accident in any of these plazas or shopping centers, please do not hesitate to call for legal counsel, as getting yourself ready for a long and taxing battle can only be done with the appropriate help on your side.

Fort Lauderdale Slip and Fall Lawyers for Weston Victims

Our Fort Lauderdale Slip and Fall Lawyers for Weston Victims can tell you precisely what to do after a slip and fall accident. They also have experience in many other forms of personal injury law that you may find useful to investigate, including:

  • Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale drunk driving accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale Rollover accidents lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale head-on collisions lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale Bicycle/Motorcycle accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale Truck accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale Uninsured/Underinsured accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale Pedestrian accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale wrongful death accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale medical malpractice accident lawyers for Weston
  • Fort Lauderdale slip and fall on private/public property lawyers for Weston

All of this and more can be spoken with our attorneys who are on call and ready to talk to you, Jonah Wolfson is the managing attorney at the firm, he and his bilingual team of Fort Lauderdale Slip and Fall lawyers for Weston victims need only pick up the phone to speak to you in a free consultation. They've been helping victims of slip and fall injuries for years, and there is no reason that they cannot help you. Do yourself a favor and get your life back on track, stop suffering in silence, and call (954) 530-3918 today.

Client Revews
All I can say is WOW! I have never met such a professional law team. They are caring and put your needs above money. I guess to describe them is fair, kind, and professional. Don't be fooled by the other attorneys who only want your money. By far the best attorneys in Florida! Marina
Mr. Wolfson helped me tremendously with my car accident. He was able to represent me with care and respect while fighting hard to get my case resolved. I live a busy life and being able to go about my day and not worrying about my case was a huge relief because I knew I was in good hands. I wasn't just another client to him and that's what makes the difference. Thank you again Mr. Wolfson! Michael
I absolutely love this firm! It's personalized, you always have someone on the phone and you literally feel like family. They were always on top of my case and I felt supported the whole time my case was being settle. I got what I need it and what I deserved! Totally recommend them! They are the good attorneys for real! Dora