Weston 7-Eleven Accident

Were you hurt in a 7-Eleven accident that was not your fault? If so, you should talk to the best Weston personal injury lawyer. At Wolfson & Leon, we help people get the justice they deserve when they have been badly hurt.

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Were You Injured at a Weston 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven convenience stores are located throughout the world. They are a favorite place for people to stop to get gas, grab a cup of coffee, or pick up a hot lunch. 7-Eleven has become famous for their Slurpee and Big Gulp drinks.

Located at 2635 Weston Road, 7-Eleven is a popular stop for people to fill up their gas tanks on the way to work. This convenience store carries a wide variety of fresh sandwiches and salads, fruit, vegetables, and snacks. Or you can stop in to buy lottery tickets, visit the ATM, or pick up a few household items.

Yet, with all the convenience that 7-Eleven stores have to offer, there can be hidden dangers to customers.

  • Hanging signs, corner displays, or merchandise that sits high on shelves can fall and hit someone shopping below.
  • Refrigerators that keep drinks ice cold can leak onto the floor, causing a person to slip and fall if it's not cleaned up or fixed properly.
  • Floor mats that aren’t securely attached can slide as people step on them.
  • Spilled coffee or soda can pose a slip and fall hazard if not cleaned up.
  • People can slip on a newly mopped floor if signs are posted to make them aware of the danger.

Whether you have been hit by falling merchandise or slipped and fell, you can be seriously hurt. Back, neck, and head injuries are common with these types of accidents. A severe blow to the head can result in traumatic injuries to a person's brain. These injuries may be nothing more than a minor concussion, or they can be far more devastating if they damage the tissue in the brain or cause internal bleeding.

When you have been severely injured while visiting a 7-Eleven in Weston or its surrounding communities of Davie or Sunrise, you speak with Wolfson & Leon at (954) 530-3918.

Why Call a Weston 7-Eleven Accident Injury Lawyer?

Large companies often have entire legal teams to defend them against personal injury lawsuits. A big company, like 7-Eleven, may rush to settle with you. That may sound like a good thing when you have been hurt but make no mistake – they want to settle quickly to keep their payoff to you as low as they can. If you consult a personal injury lawyer and find out you are entitled to receive more damages than what they offer you, it costs them money.

Before you accept any settlement, you should speak with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney. They can review the specifics of your accident and let you know if you have a case. And should you decide to pursue legal action, our Weston personal injury lawyers take care of all phone calls and documents for your case. They work to negotiate a settlement that is in your best interest. If necessary, Wolfson & Leon can defend you in court.

Since 1963, the personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon have represented the rights of accident victims. We don’t back down to large corporations or their attorneys – we fight for what is rightfully yours. Better yet, we don’t charge you a fee for our legal help unless we settle your case.

Contact Wolfson & Leon if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault. You can schedule your free evaluation today by calling (954) 530-3918.

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