Burn Injury

When your life has been altered due to a severe burn injury, you need to speak with the best Hollywood personal injury lawyer. If you are stressed out over the medical bills stacking up on your counter or because you are too hurt to work, you should seek legal advice.

Since 1963, Wolfson & Leon has defended the rights of victims hurt in severe accidents. We can review the circumstances around your accident and let you know what options may be available to recover damages – at no cost to you. If you want to move forward with a lawsuit, we do not charge legal fees unless we settle on your behalf. Call Wolfson & Leon today at (954) 530-3918.

Type of Burn Injuries

We commonly associate burn injuries with fire. But there are a variety of other ways people can be burned in accidents.

  • Car accidents – The impact of a crash or malfunctioning equipment can cause a fire, resulting in severe burn injuries. However, accident victims may also experience friction burns if their skin rubs against a hard surface, such as a road or sidewalk.
  • Defective products – If a product has an electrical defect, a person can be burned if their skin touches the electrical current. People can be electrocuted if they unknowingly touch exposed or poorly wired products.
  • Hot liquids or materials – People may experience painful burns if scalding liquid, such as coffee or water, is spilled on them. The skin may also be burned if it encounters hot steam.
  • Chemicals – Solvents and detergents may contain abrasive chemicals that can cause burns if it meets a person’s skin.
Are All Burns the Same?

Burns are characterized by how deeply they impact a person’s skin. Those that touch just the first layer of skin are known as first-degree burns. Your skin may turn and swell, but these minor burns typically don’t require medical attention and usually heal in a week or two.

Second-degree burns penetrate a person's second layer of skin. These are painful and may result in blistering and scarring. You need to seek medical help for second-degree burns.

Extensive burns that reach the third layer of skin can irreparably damage a person's nerve endings. The affected skin has a burned look and may appear black, gray, or white.

If the damage extends beyond all three layers of skin, these can be life-threatening. Known as fourth-degree burns, a person's muscles, bones, and organs may be permanently damaged. Extensive medical treatment, surgency, and lengthy hospital stays are expected for injuries this severe.

Why Seek Help from a Hollywood Burn Injury Lawyer?

Accidents do not happen every day. When they do occur, most of us know to seek medical attention. But we don’t know what should happen next. We don’t know what legal protections we have or what damages we may be entitled to. Speaking to a best Hollywood burn injury lawyer can answer many of these questions.

At Wolfson & Leon, we will evaluate your claim for free. We address the questions you may have around monetary damages, paying your medical bills, what to do if you can’t work, and what legal options may be available. Knowing what your rights is vital in recovering the damages you may be entitled to.

If you attempt to settle on your own, you may not get the money you need to pay your bills. You may not know that your injuries are so severe, they impact your ability to make a living now and in the future. Settling your case without legal help may financially devastate your family.

A Hollywood personal injury attorney handles all areas of your case from filing paperwork, returning phone calls, and negotiating a settlement. They are well-versed in personal injury laws and know what rights you have and damages you may be entitled to. They help resolve your case while you work to get your life back to normal.

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Legal costs should not stand in the way of accident victims knowing their rights and getting the help they need. That is why the Hollywood personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon work on a contingent-fee basis. You pay no legal services unless we settle your case. This allows accident victims to get legal representation without worrying about how they will pay for it.

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