Hallandale Beach Large Truck Accident Lawyer

Heavy construction and commercial trucks travel on our roads every day. In Hallandale Beach, it’s not uncommon to see large trucks barreling down US 1 or Hallandale Beach Blvd as they deliver food to a nearby Publix, collect garbage, or transport fuel to a local Mobil gas station.

Even though tractor-trailers, cement mixers, and garbage trucks provide a vital service to residents throughout South Florida, these massive vehicles aren’t without their dangers. With their imposing size and weight, an oversized truck can cause considerable damage when it collides with passenger cars, trucks, pedestrians, or bicycles.

A Hallandale Beach large truck accident can leave you with devastating injuries that could affect the rest of your life. Seeking the help of a Hallandale Beach heavy truck accident attorney who can help you better understand and pursue your rights when you have been badly hurt. You can call Wolfson & Leon right now at (954) 530-3918 for a free consultation.

How Do Large Truck Accidents Happen in Hallandale Beach?

Hallandale Beach was settled back in 1895 by Luther Halland. Recruited by Henry Flagler to build a settlement south of Dania, Halland constructed a small trading post and became the community’s first postmaster. Nearly a dozen families lived in the community by 1900. By the time Hallandale was incorporated back in 1927, there were almost 1,500 residents living in this thriving community.

Commercial and construction trucks are considerably larger and weigh more than the average passenger vehicle. They are made for transporting and hauling cargo, so large trucks sit higher off the ground than passenger cars and trucks. Some of the most common causes of oversized truck accidents in Hallandale Beach include:

Inability to stop: A rear-end large truck crash can cause devastating injuries. Even if they aren't carrying cargo, commercial and construction trucks significantly outweigh passenger vehicles on the road. With so much weight, a large truck needs considerably more time and space to slow down or stop. Yet if a light suddenly changes, traffic comes to an abrupt stop, or the driver encounters an obstacle in the road, the truck may not be able to stop in enough time to avoid a crash. If the truck travels at a high speed, the damage can be catastrophic.

Rollover: Semi-tractor trailer trucks usually transport cargo, such as food, equipment, or merchandise. The cargo weight should be evenly distributed throughout the trailer. If weight shifts during transport, the semi-truck could roll onto other vehicles traveling in nearby lanes. Or other cars or trucks could hit the fallen truck.

Unsecured cargo: Large trucks commonly transport food, merchandise, fuel and other liquids, and equipment. Cargo that isn’t securely tied down can fly off the truck, hitting cars, bicycles, or pedestrians on the street. Loose cargo that lands on the ground creates a hazard for other vehicles traveling behind the oversized truck.

Mechanical failures: Sometimes, a Hallandale Beach large truck collision is caused by mechanical or equipment failure. Malfunctioning brakes, inadequate trailer lighting, tire blowouts, hitch malfunctions, and worn-out windshield wipers can lead to a severe crash. A truck that routinely carries too much load for its size may experience transmission, steering, and suspension issues.

Sideswipe accident: A truck driver could hit the side of a vehicle traveling next to them if they don’t check their blind spots or ensure the lanes are clear before switching. A truck driver who is tired or distracted may drift into another lane, sideswiping a passenger vehicle.

Steps to Take After a Hallandale Beach Large Truck Crash

If you have been involved in a Hallandale Beach large truck accident, there are some critical steps to take.

  • Call 911: Seek emergency help after a large truck crash. Contacting emergency services gets medical help quickly to the scene. The police can begin investigating the scene, talking to witnesses, and documenting the accident. The information in the police report can be critical should you decide to pursue damages.
  • Get medical care: Injuries aren't always apparent when an accident happens. Even if you were checked out by emergency personnel on the scene, you should still seek medical care as soon after the accident as possible. You may have hit your head, fractured a bone, or hurt your back during the crash. You could make the damage worse if you skip or put off seeing the doctor.
  • Document the accident: When possible, take steps to preserve what the accident scene looks like. Use a smartphone to take pictures or videos of vehicles, damage, and injuries. Pictures or videos from different angles and distances can be helpful to evaluate the accident scene. Be sure to note any traffic lights, signs, or security cameras.
  • Gather witness details: Write down the names and contact numbers of witnesses who saw the accident. When possible, ask for a brief statement from them.
  • Seek legal advice: Pursuing compensation can be tricky in an oversized truck crash. Speaking with a Hallandale Beach personal injury attorney helps you understand what legal rights you might have if you have been seriously harmed by a commercial or construction truck.
Why Call a Hallandale Beach Large Truck Accident Law Firm?

Accidents involving large construction or commercial trucks can seem more complicated than a typical car accident. When you have been significantly hurt, you may need to pursue legal remedies to recover compensation beyond what insurance covers. However, large truck claims may be more complicated as your case needs to prove negligence caused the crash and your injuries. Since commercial and construction vehicles are conducting business while on the road, multiple parties may share the responsibility for the crash.

You should take immediate steps to better understand your legal rights if you suffered serious harm in a large truck collision. A best Hallandale Beach heavy truck crash attorney can evaluate the legal merit of your claim and talk through remedies to recover compensation.

At Wolfson & Leon, we encourage you to contact us when you have been badly hurt in a Hallandale Beach large truck accident. We offer a no-cost case consultation, so you can ask questions and evaluate what legal rights you might have when seeking compensation.

Should you decide to pursue a Hallandale Beach oversized truck accident lawsuit, Wolfson & Leon will stick with you every step of the way. We help you build a defensible case, manage the calls and correspondence, and work to reach a settlement that's in your best interest. Should your case require expert testimony, specialized research, or a court appearance, we take the necessary steps. And if you are concerned about paying legal fees, our Hallandale Beach accident attorneys work on contingency. You only pay for our legal services if we settle your case.

Find out how the Hallandale Beach large truck crash lawyers at Wolfson & Leon may be able to help you by calling 954-530-3918 today.

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