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Deerfield Beach is a popular place to ride a bike. You can enjoy the fresh air and fantastic ocean view as you bike along AIA. Or save some gas money and use your bike to run errands or commute to work.

While the city has many trails and paths, riding your bike around Deerfield Beach can be dangerous. Roads like Hillsboro Blvd and US 1 have higher speed limits and busy intersections and are heavily traveled by cars and trucks. Drivers who don’t follow the rules of the road or aren’t paying attention could cause considerable damage if they hit someone riding their bike.

If you were gravely injured when hit while riding your bicycle, you should speak with a best Deerfield Beach bike crash lawyer. Medical care can be extremely expensive, including emergency treatment, medical care, hospitalization, surgery, and doctor visits. When your injuries prevent you from returning to work, you may be unable to pay your household expenses or put food on the table.

The Law Offices of Wolfson & Leon have represented people seriously hurt in bicycle, pedestrian, automobile, and other accidents since 1963. Our Deerfield Beach bicycle accident lawyers are well-versed in the laws governing your accident and go to work to fight for your rights. We work tirelessly to get the best settlement possible at the negotiation table or in court.

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Why Do Bicycle Accidents Happen in Deerfield Beach?

Deerfield Beach is a popular community in Broward County. The city’s name was inspired by the numerous deer that once grazed along the Hillsboro River. Over time, the city has grown to a population of 86,772 residents. Deerfield Beach is a comfortable place to enjoy all South Florida offers: the warm weather, sparkling beaches, and boardwalk. At 920 feet, the Deerfield International Fishing Pier is a prime spot for fishing and enjoying the ocean view.

When passenger vehicles and large trucks share the road with bicycles, it can lead to devastating injuries. Drivers who fail to drive with care can cause considerable harm to others on the road – especially people on bikes.

Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Deerfield Beach happen when car or truck drivers travel at excessive speeds, run red lights, or fail to yield to bikes when making left- or right-hand turns. A cyclist can also be hurt if drivers get too close to them, pull out into their path, or swerve into the lane they are riding in.

A bike rider could also get hurt when a car door is opened in their path. The rider may be injured if they are hit by the door. Or the cyclist could be injured if they swerve to avoid an open door. The rider could fall off their bike or get hit by another vehicle.

Can I Be Compensated When Hurt in a Deerfield Beach Bicycle Accident?

If your Deerfield Beach bicycle accident was caused by someone else's negligence and you were seriously hurt, you might be compensated for your injuries. However, the fact that you were injured likely won't be enough to be compensated for your losses. When pursuing monetary damages, your case must demonstrate:

  • The driver owed you a level of care on the road,
  • This level of care was breached,
  • The accident was caused by this lack of care,
  • You suffered extensive injuries because of the accident.

Reaching out to a Deerfield Beach bicycle accident lawyer when you are seriously hurt can help you better understand your legal rights. If you have a damage claim you wish to pursue, a skilled accident lawyer collaborates with you to build a defensible case to recover compensation.

When you have been severely harmed by someone else's negligence, you might be compensated for your medical costs and lost income. You may be compensated for future medical needs if the crash has resulted in permanent injury. You could also be awarded compensation if your ability to earn a living in the future has been diminished.

Depending on how severe your Deerfield Beach bike accident injuries are, you may be awarded compensation for the emotional trauma, mental anguish, and pain and suffering caused by the crash.

Deerfield Beach Bicycle Accident Law Firm

For over 60 years, the Deerfield Beach injury accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon have pursued justice for people seriously hurt in bicycle, pedestrian, and car crashes. When you have been badly injured in a Deerfield Beach bicycle accident, we invite you to contact us today for a free evaluation of your case. We can answer your questions about whether you have a case or how to pursue compensation.

Should you have a Deerfield Beach accident claim you want to pursue, we help you build a case, handle all calls and correspondence, and work to reach the best settlement possible on your behalf.

You might be worried about how to pay for legal help. At Wolfson & Leon, our Deerfield Beach bicycle accident attorneys work on contingency. You only pay for our legal services when we have settled your case.

If you have questions or want to understand what legal rights you might have when seriously hurt in a Deerfield Beach bicycle crash, contact Wolfson & Leon today at 954-530-3918.

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