Davie Walmart Gas Station Accident Lawyer

If you were severely injured in a fall at a Walmart gas station or any gas station in Davie, it is a good idea to talk to a Davie personal injury lawyer. When a slip or trip and fall accident happens, it may not seem like a big deal. You may not even feel the impact of your injuries when the accident occurs. But hard surfaces and a person's body weight can cause head injuries, neck and back pain, and sprained joints. It could be hours before you realize that you've been hurt from a fall.

Severe injuries often come with hefty medical bills. You shouldn't get stuck paying for someone else's negligence.

Traumatic Brain Injury from a Walmart Gas Station Fall

When a person slips and falls, there is a risk that they may hit their head on a hard floor, pavement, shelf, or another hard object. For some, the damage may be nothing more than a minor concussion. But for others, a severe head injury may result in tissue damage, brain bleed, or blood clots.

Severe trauma to a person's brain can alter a person's quality of life. Injuries to a person's brain can affect their ability to talk, think, and move around. These traumatic brain injuries may require extensive medical treatment and physical rehabilitation. In some cases, they may permanently affect a person's life.

Compensation from Traumatic Head Injury Cases in Davie

People that endure a severe traumatic brain injury may be able to recover monetary damages to help them get to the life they knew before their accident. Accident victims may be entitled to recover compensation.

  • Medical treatment, such as emergency room visits, hospital stays, medication, and physical rehabilitation.
  • Wages lost due to an inability to work.
  • Future treatment is needed, such as doctor visits, in-home care, and transportation.
  • Based on how severe the resulting injuries are, you may be awarded compensation for pain and suffering.

When an accident results in significant injury, you should speak with a Davie gas station accident attorney. An attorney who regularly practices in personal injury cases can evaluate your situation, handle all aspects of your case, and negotiate a settlement in your best interest.

Should You Call a Davie Personal Injury Law Firm?

A personal injury can affect your physical and emotional health for years. If you are gravely hurt at a Walmart or any other gas station chain, their legal team may pressure you to settle quickly. This can end up costing you overall if you don’t receive enough compensation to pay your bills. Should your injury require a longer recovery time or added medical treatment, you may be unable to pay for these. But with Wolfson & Leon’s promise of no fees if no recovery and free consultations, it will not cost you anything to find out if an early, quick offer from Walmart is appropriate.

As an accident victim, you might be concerned that you can't afford legal help when you have been hurt. At Wolfson & Leon, we provide a free consultation where you can learn more about your rights. And should you have a lawsuit, our personal injury lawyer work on a contingent fee basis. So, you only pay for legal services if your case is settled. By speaking to a Davie personal injury attorney, you can find out what rights you have and what steps to take in your best interest.

For over 55 years, the Davie personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon have represented accident victims across South Florida. Whether you have been involved in a car crash or slip and fall, our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys are focused on getting you the financial help you need to recover from your accident. You can find out how Wolfson & Leon can help you by speaking with one of our personal injury lawyers today at (954) 530-3918.

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