Davie 7-Eleven Injury Accident

Were you hurt at a Davie 7-Eleven convenience store? Are you still recovering from your injuries? You should talk with a best Davie personal injury attorney when you have been injured at a 7-Eleven or any other store.

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Were You Injured at a Davie 7-Eleven Store?

The Town of Davie was established in the early 1900s. Once known as Zona, the town switched its name to Davie in 1916 to honor developer RP Davie who purchased 27,000 acres in the area and built the town’s first school.

The town is known for wild west-inspired architecture and large ownership of horses. With over 110,000 residents, Davie is the most populated municipality known as a "town" in Florida. Davie is the third most populated town in the country behind Gilbert, Arizona, and Cary, North Carolina.

Davie has two 7-Eleven stores, both located off busy highways. Both State Road 84 and State Road 7 locations sell gasoline and offer ATM services. Inside its large convenience store, you will find plenty of household items, hot meals, cold drinks, and coffee.

Both stores are placed in locations convenient to drivers. Yet the high volume of activity and cars passing through every day can be dangerous to those stopping in.

Common accidents at a Davie 7-Eleven store include.

  • Trip and fall: Broken sidewalks, damaged car stops, and hidden curbs can cause people to trip and fall.
  • Slip and fall: When floors become slick with water, coffee, or soda, they pose a slipping hazard for shoppers. This danger may happen if a customer spills a drink or a soda machine that does not shut off properly. The wet Florida weather may also cause people to slip and fall if rain splashes in the entryway or people track water in from the outside.
  • Falling items: Overhead signs and corner displays that aren't adequately secured may fall and hit shoppers on the head or neck. Merchandise that is stacked too high on a shelf may also fall, hitting people below.
  • Parking lot accidents: Pedestrians walking up to the store may be in danger of being hit with many cars traveling through the parking lot. If a driver's view is blocked by a delivery truck or signage, they may not see people walking to and from the store.
  • Bad lighting: If the parking lot or area around the store is poorly lit, people may fall if they cannot see walking hazards in front of them. Bad lighting may also pose a security risk to the safety of patrons. Falling objects can be especially dangerous for children.
Why Call a Fort Lauderdale Injury Law Firm?

When people get hurt in accidents, they typically don't know what they should do next. If you are injured at a 7-Eleven or any other large company, their legal team may contact you early to settle your case. While this might seem like a promising idea at the time, keep in mind that they want to do all they can to keep their payout as low as possible.

You may risk not getting the full settlement you deserve if you don't seek legal help. Wolfson & Leon has helped injured clients recover damages to pay for their necessary medical expenses for over 55 years. We can help recover lost wages and other compensation that you may be entitled to because of the accident. To learn if you have a claim and to find out more about legal options that may be available to you, contact us for a no-cost evaluation of your accident. Call Wolfson & Leon today at (954) 530-3918.

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