Coral Springs Large Truck Accident Lawyer

As menacing as they may seem on the road, large commercial trucks, like semi-trucks, tankers, and 18-wheelers, deliver much-needed goods nationwide. According to the American Trucking Association, large trucks transport 11.46 billion tons of freight nationwide, representing 72.6% of the total domestic tonnage

Yet the results can be devastating when large trucks and passenger vehicles collide. Accident victims may be left with catastrophic injuries that change the life they once knew. If you were the primary income provider in your household, your family could suffer extreme financial hardship if you cannot return to work.

Complications With a Coral Springs Large Truck Crash

Pursuing damages can be more complicated than you might expect if you are gravely hurt in a crash involving a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or any other large commercial vehicle.

With their massive size and heavy weight, it's not surprising that accidents involving large trucks are typically more severe than automobile crashes. While you might be inclined to go through your car insurance company to get compensation for your medical care and property damage, your coverage may fall short if you have suffered extensive injuries. You may need to pursue legal action to get the compensation you need to pay for your medical care and treatment.

To be compensated for your damage, you must prove you were hurt by someone else's negligence. Your injuries alone are not enough to get compensation. So, your case must demonstrate:

  • The driver owed you a standard level of care,
  • This level of care due to you was breached,
  • You suffered physical and financial injuries as a result.

Truck drivers who operate their rigs carelessly or recklessly could cause severe injury. A trucker who speeds or runs red lights could seriously injure passengers in nearby cars or trucks. If the driver is tired or distracted, they may not react quickly enough to avoid an accident.

However, oversized truck accidents are tricky because multiple parties may contribute to the crash. So, a Coral Springs large truck accident lawyer considers the role other parties may have played in the crash.

  • Trucking company: A trucking company that doesn't provide adequate training, check the driver's background, or push the driver to work excessive hours could be partly responsible for an accident.
  • Cargo company: A crash may occur if cargo becomes loose or shifts in the truck. Were proper instructions given to secure the load?
  • Truck manufacturer: Defective parts or faulty design problems could cause an accident.
  • Owner of the truck: Did the owner ensure the truck was adequately maintained and in good working order?

Seeking legal help as soon after the accident as possible can help you better understand and defend your rights when you have been badly hurt in a Coral Springs oversized truck accident.

Compensation for a Coral Springs Large Truck Accident Injury

When you have suffered severe injuries in a Coral Springs large truck crash, the cost of your medical care can be astronomical. Emergency room treatment, surgery, hospitalization, medication, and physical rehabilitation are all costly medical services you may need when you have suffered extreme injuries when hit by a large commercial or construction vehicle.

When someone else’s negligence has caused significant injury, you might be awarded compensation to pay for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages if you cannot work.
  • Property damage
  • Future loss of income if your injuries are permanent.
  • In-home medical care and assistance
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental or emotional anguish
Why Call a Coral Springs Large Truck Accident Law Firm?

A serious Coral Springs large truck accident can be costly. The insurance or trucking company may offer a fast settlement to keep losses as low as possible. As tempting as accepting a quick settlement offer may be, you might not get the full amount you are entitled to.

Knowing what legal rights you have to get compensation is critical to protecting your financial interests. When you speak with a best Coral Springs large truck crash lawyer, you can better understand your legal rights and possible damages you could recover.

Since 1963, the Coral Springs bicycle accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have vigorously defended people gravely hurt in oversized truck accidents. The damage caused by a Coral Springs commercial or construction truck crash can be extensive and place extreme physical, emotional, and financial stress on you and your family.

If you were seriously hurt in a Coral Springs large truck crash, we invite you to contact us today for a free and confidential review of your claim. Should you have a legal case you want to pursue, Wolfson & Leon stays with you every step of the way. We handle the paperwork and phone calls. We help you build a defensible case. And we work to get the best settlement possible so you and your family can get on with your lives.

Find out how Wolfson & Leon can help by speaking with one of our Coral Springs large truck accident lawyers today when you call 954-530-3918.

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