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Were you hit by a car while riding your bicycle on Sample Road in Coral Springs? Did a vehicle strike your bike while making a left turn on University Drive?

Coral Springs is a family-friendly community with many residential neighborhoods, parks, and schools. Yet, with a population of 133,825 residents, Coral Springs's streets are often congested with traffic. So, riding your bike on the city's busy streets can be dangerous. If you get hit by a car or pushed off your bike, you could suffer serious injuries that require immediate medical care and extensive recovery time.

How Common Are Bicycle Accidents in Coral Springs?

Broward County reported 885 bicycle accidents, resulting in 8 fatalities and 835 injuries, in 2023, based on data from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). Based on these statistics, over 95% of all bike crashes lead to injury or death.

Can I Be Compensated if Hurt in a Coral Springs Bike Crash?

Bicycles offer no protection in an accident. If a cyclist is hit by a car or truck, their body absorbs the impact of the crash. A bicycle accident can leave the rider with significant injuries, such as broken bones, deep cuts or puncture wounds, road burns, and head trauma.

If the cyclist is run over or struck by a vehicle traveling at an excessive speed, they could suffer catastrophic injuries, such as internal organ damage, crushed bones, loss of limbs, and internal bleeding.

While you might seek compensation through the personal injury policy (PIP) portion of a car insurance policy, there is a limit to what you can receive. If the damage far exceeds this amount, you might wonder what legal options you have to get compensated for your injuries.

To recover compensation in a Coral Springs bike accident, you must demonstrate that the damage you've suffered resulted from someone else's negligent behavior or actions. Proving negligence can be tricky as your case must show the following:

  • The vehicle's driver owed you a duty of care on the road,
  • This level of care was breached,
  • You were injured due to this breach of care,
  • This breach of care caused you financial harm.

If your case shows your injuries resulted from someone else’s negligence, you could be compensated for your emergency care, medical treatment, hospital stay, doctor visits, medical equipment needed, and other related medical costs. Beyond your physical injuries, you might encounter financial hardship if you can’t go back to work. You could easily find yourself unable to pay your rent or utilities.

What Should I Do if Hurt in a Coral Springs Bicycle Accident?

When you are badly hurt in a Coral Springs bicycle accident, you should seek emergency medical care. Yet even if your injuries don't seem that bad or you feel fine, you still need to get checked out. Seeing a doctor as soon after the accident as possible can help you avoid aggravating injuries that you may not be aware of. Plus, delaying a doctor's visit may not work in your favor if you decide to pursue legal action. After all, if your Coral Springs biking accident injuries are so severe, why didn't you see a doctor or go to the hospital?

When you’ve been hurt in a bike crash, the steps you take after the accident could affect your ability to recover compensation.

Call the police: You should call the police when you’ve been involved in a biking accident. With a police report, you have documentation of the time, location, and details of the crash.

Preserve the scene: Get as much physical evidence of the accident as possible before it gets cleared away. Use your smartphone to snap pictures or take videos of where the accident happened, the damage sustained, and the visible injuries suffered.

Documentation: When possible, write down or take a picture of the driver’s license, insurance card, and contact details. If anyone witnessed the accident, take down their contact information.

Seek legal advice: Most don't know our rights when seriously hurt while riding our bicycles. At Wolfson & Leon, we provide a free consultation so you can better understand what legal rights you might have when badly injured in a Coral Springs biking accident.

Coral Springs Bicycle Accident Law Firm

Wolfson & Leon recognizes the challenges cyclists face when they are seriously hurt in a bicycle crash. The injuries caused can be severe and could affect you for the rest of your life. You may be stuck paying for expensive medical care. If the damage is significant, you may need continuing medical treatment and in-home care. To make matters worse, your family could suffer severe financial hardship if you cannot return to work until you have healed from your injuries.

If you were gravely hurt in a Coral Springs biking accident and don't know what your next steps should be, contact Wolfson & Leon today for your free, no-obligation case consultation. Whether you want to learn more about how to seek compensation or want to know if you have a case, we can answer your questions when you call 954-530-3918 today.

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