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Riding your bicycle around Cooper City is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and fit some exercise into your busy schedule. Yet even with dedicated bike lanes, cycling on the same streets with passenger cars and trucks can be dangerous. Drivers who aren’t paying attention could run red lights, swerve into bike lanes, or open their car doors in the path of an oncoming bicycle. Even if the accident seems minor, a bike rider can suffer serious injuries that could require extensive medical care and recovery time.

If you or someone in your family suffered serious injuries while riding their bicycle around Cooper City, seeking legal advice helps you better understand what your rights are when you have been badly hurt. You can speak with a Cooper City bicycle accident lawyer from Wolfson & Leon for free to learn more about possible legal options when you have been gravely hurt. Learn more about your legal rights when you've been severely injured in a Cooper City biking accident by calling 954-530-3918 today.

Common Causes of Biking Accidents in Cooper City

Cooper City is a popular suburban town with many neighborhoods, top-rated schools, and parks. The city has a population of 34,046 residents. The median home value in Cooper City is $487,900, with nearly 85% of families owning their homes.

Sharing the road with cars in Cooper City can be hazardous to cyclists. When a driver isn't paying attention or doesn't see a bike on the road, they can cause severe injuries to a cyclist. A Cooper City bicycle accident may be caused by such driver behavior as:

  • Traveling at excessive speed
  • Overtaking a cyclist where the driver does not give enough space between a car and bicycle when passing or turning.
  • Hitting a cyclist when backing out of a driveway or parking spot
  • Cutting off a bicycle when pulling out into traffic
  • Failing to yield to a cyclist crossing the street.
  • Swerving or crossing into the bike lane
  • Rear-ending a cyclist sitting at a red light or stop sign.
  • Aggressive driving, like erratic lane changes or moving too close to a bicycle.
  • Hitting an oncoming bike rider with an open car door.

A bicycle does not protect a cyclist should an accident occur. If a bike rider is hit by a moving car in Cooper City, they could suffer from serious injuries, such as broken bones, impalement injuries to the chest from the handlebars, internal bleeding, loss of limbs, facial and jaw damage, and severe road burns. While a helmet offers some protection against head injuries, a traumatic brain injury can happen if your head hits the pavement, curb, or vehicle.

If you or someone you love has suffered severe injuries in a Cooper City bicycle accident, you should seek legal advice. You might be compensated for the damage you have sustained if your injuries resulted from someone else's negligence.

Challenges in Recovering Compensation in a Cooper City Bicycle Accident

A Cooper City bicycle crash can leave you with devastating injuries that could affect you for the rest of your life. The cost of your medical treatment plus continuing care can be astronomical. Since your injuries will likely keep you from returning to work until you have healed, your family may struggle to keep the lights on and put food on the table.

Getting compensated for injuries sustained in a Cooper City bicycle accident can be challenging. Some of the issues you face include:

Establish negligence: Even if you are seriously hurt in a Cooper City bicycle crash, your injuries alone may not be enough to get compensation. Instead, your case must demonstrate that someone else’s negligence caused the crash.

Time limit: You have four years starting from the date the accident happened to begin legal action. If you miss this deadline, you have lost your ability to recover compensation if you have been seriously hurt.

Insurance companies: Florida law requires drivers to carry Personal Insurance Protection (PIP), which covers medical costs and lost income. But if you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a bicycle crash, these benefits may be enough. Pursuing compensation beyond this coverage is often complicated and requires legal expertise.

If you have suffered serious injuries riding your bicycle in Cooper City, getting legal help can be a critical step to take when seeking compensation. Find out how Wolfson & Leon might help by calling 954-530-3918 today.

Can’t Afford a Cooper City Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Sometimes, accident victims don't seek legal advice because they think they can't afford it. But if someone else's negligence gravely injured you, it does not seem fair that you get stuck with paying the bills.

At Wolfson & Leon, we know how important it is to understand your legal rights when seriously injured. We understand the physical and financial struggles accident victims face when they've been badly hurt by someone else's negligent actions or behavior. To help you make an informed decision, Wolfson & Leon invites you to call today for a free consultation when you have suffered a significant injury in a Cooper City bike crash.

If you have a case and want to pursue legal action, our Cooper City bicycle accident attorneys work all aspects of your case on contingency. This arrangement means you only pay for our legal help if we reach a settlement you agree to. And any amounts due for our legal services come from your settlement. You get the legal representation you need without worrying how to pay for it. If you have suffered severe injuries riding your bicycle in Cooper City, getting legal help can be a critical step to take when seeking compensation.

Find out how Wolfson & Leon might help you by calling 954-530-3918 today.

Call a Cooper City Bicycle Accident Injury Law Firm Today

When you have been involved in a Cooper City bicycle accident, you may not know what your next steps should be. That is understandable when you are seriously hurt and trying to recover from your injuries. Beyond the physical harm you’ve suffered, you may also find yourself facing financial hardship as the medical bills start pouring in. To make matters worse, you might need help paying for your mortgage, rent, utilities, or groceries if you cannot work.

For over 60 years, the Cooper City accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have represented people badly hurt in bicycle, pedestrian, and automobile crashes. We know the difficulties accident victims face when they have been severely harmed and vigorously fight to reach the best settlement possible. If you or someone in your family has suffered severe injuries caused by someone else's negligent actions, we encourage you to contact us today for a free, no-obligation case review. Ask questions and find out more about possible legal options when you call Wolfson & Leon today at 954-530-3918. Should you have a Cooper City bicycle accident case you want to pursue, Wolfson & Leon represents your interests on a contingent-fee arrangement. You will only pay for our legal help if we settle your case.

Find out how the Cooper City bicycle accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon can help when someone else’s negligence has caused you a severe injury by calling 954-530-3918 today.

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